On this page we collected links to freeware with and/or open source code for all occasions. Now only it is necessary for you to remember or write in bookmarks the simple address of this page - pack.su. If you bought a new computer, reinstalled system, or search than to open a unknown file, come here, for certain here are all you need. Forget way to shop, do not search drugs for paid programs for more. Hundreds thousands people create the best for you free.
We use all software given here. Each of these free programs is worthy to become your favourite tool.
If you have time and you are capable to develop such programs, to create details of the interface for them, or to translate them on other languages, offer developers the help.
Make the world better!
Diagramming software W
Scorewriters W
Multimedia converters
Virtual machine W
Friends of pack.su
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Karaoke players W
Audio Editors W
Video Software W
Project management W
Operating systems W
Linux Distributions W
Linux-like environment for Windows
File archivers W
Anti-trojan programsW
Editing Registry W
Access Control
Packet analyzer W
OCR - Optical character recognition W
Implementation of the Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix
VPN (Virtual private network) W
Desktop sharing - Remote Control W
Copying sites
Mass rename files
P2P Clients W
FTP и SFTP Clients W W
SSH Clients W
Eclipse (All languages)
NetBeans (Java, C/C++, ...)
Amaya (*HTML, MathML, CSS)
Nvu (Web Authoring System)
KompoZer (WAS)
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